Driftseed is lending a helping hand to FUTURE change makers.

Our fiscal sponsorship program allows artists to seek much needed grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under Driftseed's 501(c)(3) status.  Driftseed provides administrative support and oversees the distribution of funds to ensure that funded activities harmonize with Driftseed's mission to create work that empowers women and girls globally.

We are thrilled to support Laura E. Swanson in her role as Co-Director and Producer of the documentary film Break the Chain.  Swanson is the first artist chosen for our fiscal sponsorship program.

Donate to Break the Chain

Break the Chain  is a feature-length documentary film that addresses the often "hidden-in-plain-sight" issue of Human Trafficking within Michigan communities and the United States.  The film chronicles two survivors of Human Trafficking within Michigan communities - providing a detailed look at how trafficking goes unnoticed within our backyards.  Kwami, a child survivor of Labor Trafficking, was enslaved for nearly five years with three other children in Ypsilanti, Michigan before anyone noticed.  Debbie, a survivor of Sex Trafficking, takes us through her experience of being sold for sex around the Detroit-Area between the ages of 13 and 18. 

Accompanying the stories of these survivors are nearly 20 interviews with researchers, Senators, non-profit organizations, legal service agencies, law enforcement officers and several artists actively working to raise awareness for this global issue. The film teaches us that what we see in the media about human trafficking is one small sensationalized form - that it occurs anywhere and everywhere within our world.  More importantly, viewers will learn how we are all connected to this extremely profitable business and that we have the power to choose what we support, and ultimately, how we break the chain.


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